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Monday 11 April 2011

Reg's Samosa Recipe

It's the one we've all been waiting for! Reg gives us a step-by-step demonstration of how to create the damn tastiest and well put together samosa you'll ever eat, and reveals a family secret in the form of a "little gadget"!

Useful Reg advice:
"Don't measure and fettle yourself"
"You can make it with a vegetarian - any way you like!"
"For the dough, add 50/50 milk/water to get the crunchy"
"Do it with a bit of spoon"

Preparation time: 20-30mins           Cooking time: 5-10mins           Spice level: You could feed it to toddler Reg 

Non-vegetarian filling:
½ lb minced lamb or beef
½ onion
½ potato
1 tbspn curry powder  
3 cloves garlic
small bunch of fresh coriander
Salt to taste
Vegetarian filling:
Substitute meat with potato & peas
Wheat flour
Milk + Water
4 tbspns oil

Filling: Chop and fry the ½ onion in a pan with oil. When see-through, add the mince/potato. When fried, add the curry powder and stir, then for the mince add the extra ½ potato which eventually mashes itself up and helps the mince stick together. Finally, stir in the chopped coriander.

Six Steps to Samosa Heaven.
Dough: As you know, Reg does not measure the dough, but rather feels it. The procedure, however, starts with adding the oil to the flour and mixing it evenly with your hands. Then add the water/milk as you feel, and keep adding more flour or water if the mixture becomes too hard or too soft.

The Samosa: Take a golf ball-sized peice of dough and roll it out into a flat, saucer-sized circle. Cut this in half and take one of the half-circles. Wet a paint brush (or the tip of your finger) and wet the edges of the semi-circle by about 1cm all the way round. Place a heaped tspn of filling in the middle of the half-circle, and fold each side over in turn to create a triangle (see illustration and/or video). With the handle of a teaspoon, seal the edges of the samosa. Make as many samosas as you can with your ingredients, then deep fry them for around 3 minutes, flipping them over now and then until little brown bubbles appear on the surface of the dough. Your samosas are now ready to eat!

Extras: Mix some tomato-chilli pickle with yoghurt to dip!

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